Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bedroom Update

Here is an updated description of the bedrooms based on information from our realtor.  I penciled in room suggestions for the grandparents, and also the Master BR.

The only bedroom without a bathroom is #8.  The realtor told me that in previous years that room has held either two twin beds or else an office.  He is not sure how it is currently decorated.  I figure it will be used for kids, so it shouldn't be a problem.  We'll bring air mattresses just in case there are no beds. this room has two twin beds.

1st Floor:

1. King (Back/Right): shower stall [Alan & Margie]
2. Full (Front/Right): tub/shower
3. Two Queen beds (Front/Left): shower stall 
4. Two Twin Beds (Front Right): tub/shower

2nd Floor:

5. Queen (Rear/Left): shower [Art & Marge]
6. Two Twin Beds (Center): tub/shower

3rd Floor:

7.King (Master): shower stall and soaking tub [Elise & Elliot]
8. Bedroom: Two-Twin Beds NO BATHROOM