Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I am planning to bring the following grown-up drinks:

Case of beer - Southern Tier HopSun

Fixings for the following mixed drinks:
1. Margarita
2. Pisco Sour
3. Old Fashioned
4. "Oh So Gingerly"
5. Mojito
6. French Martini
7. Corpse Reviver #2
8. Kentucky Mule
9. Manhattan
10. Cosmopolitan

Will need:
-Pineapple Juice
-Cranberry Juice
-Lots of Lemons and Limes!

:The Decisionator!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bedroom Update

Here is an updated description of the bedrooms based on information from our realtor.  I penciled in room suggestions for the grandparents, and also the Master BR.

The only bedroom without a bathroom is #8.  The realtor told me that in previous years that room has held either two twin beds or else an office.  He is not sure how it is currently decorated.  I figure it will be used for kids, so it shouldn't be a problem.  We'll bring air mattresses just in case there are no beds. this room has two twin beds.

1st Floor:

1. King (Back/Right): shower stall [Alan & Margie]
2. Full (Front/Right): tub/shower
3. Two Queen beds (Front/Left): shower stall 
4. Two Twin Beds (Front Right): tub/shower

2nd Floor:

5. Queen (Rear/Left): shower [Art & Marge]
6. Two Twin Beds (Center): tub/shower

3rd Floor:

7.King (Master): shower stall and soaking tub [Elise & Elliot]
8. Bedroom: Two-Twin Beds NO BATHROOM

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Summer 2012

Greetings families!

Looking forward to a great time this summer.  Here's a recap on the house.  The house is an "Upside Down" such that the kitchen, living, and dining areas are on the 2nd Floor.  Click here to see the property on the realtor's website.  Click here to see the house on google maps.

As in the past, I have set up a brief survey to plan out meals.

Here's the room layout.  As I mentioned before, its the Singer family's turn for the Master BR. I suggest that grandparents get rooms on the 1st or 2nd floor.

1st Floor: 
  1. King
  2. Queen
  3. Two Queen beds
  4. Two Twin Beds
2nd Floor:
  1. Queen
  2. Two Twin Beds
3rd Floor:
  1. King (Master)
  2. Two Twin Beds

--The Decisionator