Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I am planning to bring the following grown-up drinks:

Case of beer - Southern Tier HopSun

Fixings for the following mixed drinks:
1. Margarita
2. Pisco Sour
3. Old Fashioned
4. "Oh So Gingerly"
5. Mojito
6. French Martini
7. Corpse Reviver #2
8. Kentucky Mule
9. Manhattan
10. Cosmopolitan

Will need:
-Pineapple Juice
-Cranberry Juice
-Lots of Lemons and Limes!

:The Decisionator!


elise said...

I have recently made (and fallen in love with) my first cocktail: The Burning Mandarin

Absolut Mandarin called for, but vodka will suffice!

(also oranges, lemons, and cranberry juice, but I can add those to the shopping list)

Howard Degenholtz said...

Sounds good! I am going to the store tonite and will look for the absolut mandarin.

Howard Degenholtz said...

Got it!