Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Summer Beach House?

Dear Decisionator,

When should we go to the Jersey Shore this summer?

Thank you,

Degenholtz/Bergelson Cousins


The Decisionator said...

Dear Degenholtz/Bergelson Cousins:

Your lack of precision poses a unique challenge to The Decisionator.

If you must go to the Jersey Shore, then you should go during the week from Saturday, June 14 through Saturday, June 21.

The Decisionator has decided.

Mike said...

Thank you Decisionator! We were having a very difficult time because of flaky people with very busy lives. You've made things much easier!

Now, can you tell us how many lobsters to buy for our traditional clam bake?

The Decisionator said...

Dear Mike:

You are very welcome. In response to your query:

Purchase one lobster per adult.

The Decisionator has decided.

Andrew said...

Booooooo. Decisionator does not allow me to embed a slideshow. Boooooo.

Decisionator, why don't you integrate with other Google properties like Picasa Web Albums?

Click here to see BeachHaven '06:


Andrew said...

Decisionator, Can you change your background from Black to White? Sometimes it's hard for old me (I'm referring to myself here) to read in reverse print.

My eyes. My eyes.

The Decisionator said...

Dear Andrew:

The Decisionator has older eyes than you. Although the white on black schema reflects the darkness in The Decisionator's soul, what is the point if no one can read your words?

The Decisionator has decided.

The Decisionator said...

Dear Andrew:

The Decisionator is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google. Prepare to be assimilated.

Technically speaking, the blog seems to be able to link any public album.

The Decisionator has decided: photos will be shown!

Marge D said...

Hi Guys...Here I am . More to come . love, marged