Sunday, May 11, 2008

Potential House for July 19-26 2008

I believe I have found us the perfect spot for July 19 to 26 Vacation 2008. Here is the link to the owner's website. I spoke to him on the phone, and he will rent it for $7000 for the week. This a good rate,less than if we went through a realtor.

House #1:
This is 1.5 blocks from the beach in Beach Haven and near the business district. 124 Coral St.
The house has 7 Bedrooms, one of which has 2 bunkbeds and 2 trundle beds, enough for all the non-crib children. Need to bring our owncribs. (we have 1 pack & play)

There is a side yard and backyard with grass for a kiddie pool andslip and slide (we have those things)

Here is the link:

I was unable to find a house with 7+ bedrooms and a pool for less than$9000. This is a lesson for next time: if we want a pool, we need toreserve it early.

Action Required: View the property and by End of Day Monday, Post your response on this blog thread YES or NO. We need to move within the next day or two so we don't lose this place.
On-Site Research: we can dispach a local team to investigate in-personand sign the contract if Acceptable or reject once viewing.

Alternatives: I have found a number of other similar propeties, all for more money.The one above looks much nicer than any others.

for example:
House #2: (with pool, unknownavailability, $9000)

in Bay Head:
House #3: (Karge St with 8 BR for $7500)

House #4: (7 BR in Bay Head, $7500, no pool)

House #5:
Here is a gorgeous place, but I don't know if the folk will pay the price premium to have a pool:

There are some others on LBI with a pool at $10K and over.

UPDATE 5/12/2008 @ 2:15:

Hold everything: The Decisionator has found something sweet.

House #6:

Check out this house in Point Pleasant Beach.

The owner has built two identical houses with pools next to each other and has availability for the week we need. The rate is $7000 for the week!

The house is two blocks from the boardwalk and beach, across from a park.

My mom will drive down on Wednesday to have a look. If everyone agrees, she will sign a contract if it looks good.

Take a look and email or post your response!


The Decisionator said...

Uncle Alan has offered the following house in Ocean City as an alternative.

This property has 10 BR, 3 BA and is on 9th St in Ocean City. It is about .25 miles to the Boardwalk and Beach. The Boardwalk in Ocean City runs from 6th to 14th St, so 9th is right in the heart of it all.

Here's a link to the map of the house on MSN LiveSearch

Check out the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce website for info on the Boardwalk, Dining, and Business District:

HBD Comment: I think this place looks Ok. It is less money. It looks like there is a small yard in the back, though not as much green space as in Beach Haven. It seems to me that Ocean City is more built up and commercial than Beach Haven. For comparison, here is the MSN Map for 124 Coral St. in Beach Haven.

The Decisionator said...

Ocean City Opportunities

I contacted an agent at Prudential Fox & Roach in Ocean City and got list of several houses. There is one house available with 7 bedrooms and a pool for $15,000 for the week.

There is a 6 bedrooom house without a pool for $14,500 for the week.

Ocean City has many 'condos' which rent the top and bottom separately. The realtor found two 4 BR units next door to one another: 4912 and 4910 Central Ave. Renting these two units would cost total 2,850 + 3,390 = $6,240 for the week.

All of these places are in nicer parts of Ocean City than the place on 9th street. However, the first two are way outside the budget, and the 'side-by-side' option is not as much fun as the big house. Without a pool, it does not compare to the place in Point Pleasant Beach.

Andrew said...


Why did the New York Times rip off your name?