Saturday, May 22, 2010

Get Ready for Summer 2010!


I have updated the links to the property and the map.  Use the discussion to post your preferred night to cook dinner.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

-The Decisionator

PS I will start pestering everyone for the balance of the rent.....


elise said...

Well, we were kind of joking about the tofu. We do eat it regularly, but we're not sure about presenting it to everyone quite yet.

We're going to make an Indian feast. Details to follow.

Alan said...

Alan & Margie
Chunky peanut butter gets our vote.
Please add your PB desire here or forever hold your your peanuts.

We're making Asian Chicken with scallions and grilled veggies. We'll need soy sauce, plus a few veggies, & peanut oil. Full shopping list to follow.