Monday, June 23, 2008

More Things to do at The Shore

Let's get a discussion going about some things to do while at the shore. Anything to add to this list? Preferences? Rankings? Deletions?

1. The Dictionary Game
2. The Poetry Game
3. Charades
4. A Talent Contest
5. Touch Football
6. Walk on the Beach
7. Men vs. Women Crossword Challenge (loser does dishes)
8. Pyramid/$64,000 Question Game
9. Sea Kayaking
10. Bowling
11. Hide & Seek
12. Aerobics/Jazzercise
13. Water Aerobics
14. Karaoke
15. Mini-Golf
16. Skee-Ball Challenge of Doom

1 comment:

The Decisionator said...

My mom says:
"How about competitive Scrabble...loser does dishers?"

To which I say, "Not on your life!"
Ha ha!