Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Eatin!

My mom suggested we sign up for dinners. Here is the list so far (updated 9:40PM EST):

  1. Saturday -
  2. Sunday - Howard & Andrea will make mixed grill (beef ribs, chicken, salmon?) with chipotle tamarind sauce
  3. Monday - Andrew & Kathy are bringing "Freshwater Lobster" from Lake Michigan (see the quiz)
  4. Tuesday -The Singers, "To Be Determined"
  5. Wednesday -
  6. Thursday - Art & Marge, "To Be Determined"
  7. Friday -

Email or post your dinner offers!


Anonymous said...

Actually, Sunday is not good for us. We might spend Sunday with some friends from Jersey that want to get their mits on Harvey. Is the decisionator cool with that?

elliot said...

The Singers request Tuesday!

The Decisionator said...

I put you down for Monday, but are you sure you don't want to cook those critters on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my eyes...the decisionator asking an indirect question!?