Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Summer 2009....

Well, there's ice and snow on the ground, and those of us not living in Sunny California, are starting to pine for the beach. An early start will see us sitting pretty this summer. It looks like the week of June 6 to June 13 will work - the Singers will be out east for their college reunion, and the Pittsburghers will be in between school and camp. Rates look good for early in the season: let's work out early!

Here are three properties in Avalon that look awesome: Beach block with pool, etc.  

I will take a look at Beach Haven and other towns on LBI.  Post your thoughts on Avalon!!


Mike Bergelson said...

I think we should go for the 66 W. 13th Street place. Yes it's $500 more but it's got a 7th bedroom, which I think is key. Here's my count of bedrooms:

1. Marge and Art
2. Alan and Margie
3. Howard and Andrea
4. Andrew and Kathy
5. Elise and Elliot
6. Mike and blow-up doll
7. Kids

Yes there's a bit of risk that it - I don't know - won't be completed by then. But that's half the fun, right?

elise said...

I agee that the 7 beds is the best.

They're all beautiful!

We're looking forward to it - by the way, Maya taped the holiday card with the pic of Isaac, Sonia and Anabelle to her wall. She is always asking, when are we going to see my cousins again?